Beep Beep, we got baseball for you!

September 20, 2016

K-Salk and Fons interview L-Train on Beep Baseball!   Yes, baseball for the blind.   Bind Triathlon?  Yep, that's a thing, too.  We went all the way to Brussels to get a world class blind triathlete.   This is a "Can't Miss" episode!!".   Also, More shananigans from the hosts.


Bunionectomies, The Olympics, Still more chaffing

August 13, 2016

K-salk and Fons invite Dr. Tim Kruse on to talk about injuries, specifically related to the foot and ankle.  Dr. Kruse is a podiatrist and expert in all things foot and ankle.

We have some fun with the Olympics, another mini game, and drink some wine while we talk fitness.


Mental Health, Physical Health, Pokemon, Sippi Tells all

July 12, 2016

Join us this week with Sippi Katz-Janssen, school psychologist, while we have some fun and talk about mental health, physical health, how they are connected, and play some games.   Sippi applies her career expertise to her personal life and we all learn how to be happier and make better decisions.   Also, more scandalous emails, Pokemon Go, and fun fun fun!


Yoga for all levels of fitness. Drinking Hydrophilic Surfactants and Sazerac.

June 19, 2016

In what world do you use words like "Dodecahedron", "Hydrophiic Surfactant" and "Sazerac" in a fitness Podcast about yoga?   In the K-salk and Fons Fitcast world, that's where!

Join Callie Hildreth on the Fitcast as we dive into how yoga can help out your racing career.    Also, mailbag brings up some controversy and Fons gives up on water!


#FOMOM, Magical Beet Juice and More Butt Chaffing stories

May 24, 2016

We get a couple Marathon Maniacs on to talk about recovery between races.   Thank you for Matt Martin and Dallas Fischer for coming on this episode.  This #powercouple crushes marathon after marathon, while mixing in ultra marathons in between.  How do they do it?    You'll have to listen to find out.  Also, we bring in an expert Phd. to talk physics.


Boston Marathon, Ironman, Snoopy, and downhill swimming

May 3, 2016

Join us this episode with a recap of the world famous Boston Marathon, and our Iromwoman guest, Erika Oslakovic.  Erika shares here experience with the Boston Marathon bombings as she was at the finish line when the bombs went off in 2013, as well as other fitness advice.  Erika's resume is full with Ironman competitions, Boston, Chicago, and 25 other marathons.

We also have some fun with the mailbag this week, with listeners sharing their experiences with running the year's Boston marathon!


There’s Nothing Sadder than a Tomato in December

April 5, 2016

Join us and our incredible guest and author, Laura Ingalls, as she talks about her book, F#@k Skinny..

Our longest and most dynamic podcast to date, you will laugh your ass off!  So much fun for everyone.   Laura is a running coach, nutrition coach,  and has an all around healthy way approach to life!

This is a can't miss episode!


March Madness, Donald Trump, Water, and Facebook

March 24, 2016

Join us this week with Gretchen Goswitz from Austin Fit Magazine talk about Fitness in the digital media world.   She has some interesting ideas on diet and her 5 "favorite foods".   A beginner triathlete, gretchen shares her concerns about her first race coming up!  

Also, Madness with K-Salk and Fons continues for our March Podcast, getting ready for the spring race season!


There is no Aaron Rodgers in this podcast… But our guest is another hot guy!

March 7, 2016

Listen To Gianni Sansone enlighten us on the world of cycling!   We have a ton of fun as the team is back together in Austin with a live, no SKYPE recording!   We talk fitness, beer, racing, and fun.

We introduce our two new segments and have some fun!


Snatch, Penis Clips, and other heavy stuff!

February 14, 2016

Join the K-Salk and Fons Fitcast as we introduce the new name with weight lifter and personal trainer Alex Arquilla who takes us through different issues surrounding weight lifting, injuries, and personal training.

Introducing two new segments and a preview of our upcoming episodes!