World Cup fever, taekwondo, and amazing kids soccer stories

July 13, 2018

Our first ever Family-Cast, featuring two amazing kids, Mia and Wren.   We tackle new sports like Soccer and Taekuondo.   These kids are fun fun fun!   Lightning round "Would you rather - kids edition"  and all of the usual fun seggies.

Aarond Rodgers, Mia Hamm, Anthony Rizzo.  All making "apearances" on this weeks show plus a look into the Chicago Red Stars and Chicago Fire.  It's Worl Cup Soccer season so listen in to our junior soccer players!


Wait, Wait, Don’t tell me, Aaron Rodgers, and Mountain climbing Marathons, With Kirby Jay

June 4, 2018

Join us this month as hilarity ensues.  K-Salk in Austin for a live recording with Kirby Jay, who ran her first marathon on a very technical mountain trail!

Fun games, Wait, Wait, Don't tell me, and more.


How to Run an Ironman on a Broken Knee, and other bad advice

April 15, 2018

Chris Steinmetz, a Firefighter, EMT, and new trithlete joins us to talk about his "Couch to Ironman" journey.  FONS is a clydesdale now,  and K-salk engineers a game where everybody wins!

Seriously, if you have ever been injured, are currently injured, or plan on being injured some day, this is the podcast for you!  We have loads of fun talking racing, baseball, and injuries.


Meta Drunk Podcast. Bachelor in Paradise, Dave Grohl, Aaron Rodgers

March 4, 2018

Join us this month with Special Guest Erin Truslow, from Big Pistachio and the DRUNK ATHLETE podcast.  This is a serious META-CAST as we discuss podcasting, drinking, triathlons, Olympics, and have a ton of fun.  "You won't ever laugh this hard again", says comedian Jerry Seinfeld.



Did Jesus invent Wine? Shut up brain, I’m trying to run.

January 20, 2018

We are lucky to have #FAF runner Cate Barrett on the fitcast this month to start our 2018 right!   We learn about how to get from fast to really fast, talk about wine, have some fun, play some games, and of course, read some mail from some ornery listeners!


More from the Kardashians, Aaron Rodgers, and Marathon Kids

November 22, 2017

Join us this week with our amazing guest Courtney Nikolay as she talks about Marathon Kids, getting children into fitness habits early, and incentive programs for all of us!  We get a little angry, we laugh and sing, and answer our listeners’ questions.


Aaron Rodgers, Chicago Marathon, CUBS, and More Banter!

October 20, 2017

Join us this week for some great recaps of races, mailbag items, a super fun game that is going to frustrate the hell out of you, and of course, more banter from our hosts as we tackle the Pumpkin Spice Podcast.


Just Punch ‘em in the Di*k!

August 26, 2017

Brad Finkeldei, a life coach, joins us to talk about motivation, we play games, and catch up over some big personal news from both hosts!

It has been a long summer and if you need a little extra push to get through to your last races of the season, big work project, or any other looming project, this is your podcast!



Inspiration from your Accountabilibuddy

May 10, 2017

Join us this month as we interview three members of the Chicago Road runners.  What is it like to go from 0 to winning races or running a 2:37 marathon?  These fast runners join us to share their secrets and talk about their running community.


Doing It Yourself, Together with Iram Leon. Also, flat tires

April 13, 2017

Join us for our interview with Iram Leon, a badass runner, athlete, single Dad, Boston qualifier, brain cancer warrior and great human, as he talkes about his history with running, family, seizures.

K-Salk gets a flat tire on her bike and Iram gets a flat tire on his stroller.  Listen up!  It's a good one.