Is that a stuffed monkey in your pants? Are round foods bad for you? An interview with Chris Mosier.

December 22, 2016

We are honoed to have Chris Mosier as our guest this week.  Chris is the first transgender member of the US Triathlon team and he has made celebrity appearances at a large variety of events, was the star of a NIKE commercial during the Olympics and recently was named as OUTSPORTS person of the year for his contributions to the LGBTQ community as an athlete.

He can best be described as a pioneer in trandsgender athletics, having an impact on International Rules, the Olymics, and even your local race.  Plus, he can kick your ass out there on the bike, running, and swimming!

Listen in and hear what he has to say!

Oh yeah, Also mailbag, favorite things, blah blah blah.  Listen to the F*CKING interview.  It's awesome!


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